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Ravi Singhania 22/08/2017
The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2016 - Key Features
Dipak Rao 22/08/2017
Well-known Trademarks – India Perspective
Madhu Sweta 22/08/2017
Investment Arbitration – The Assignation & its Way Ahead in India
Abhishek Kumar 21/06/2017
Selection and Appointment of Arbitrators in India
Dipak Rao 23/03/2017
The Trademark Rules, 2017
Madhu Sweta 02/02/2017
The Fate of Automatic Stay on Section 34 Petitions Filed Post Amendment
Yaman Kumar 01/12/2016
The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Ordinance, 2015: Impact on Law Laid Down in Balco
Madhu Sweta 12/11/2016
Emergency Arbitration in India: Concept and Beginning
Ravi Singhania 14/06/2017
Indian Government’s Move to Encourage Private Participation in Infrastructure
Madhu Sweta 13/08/2016
Blacklisting Of Contractors By The Government And Public Sector Undertakings
Rudra Srivastava 14/06/2017
Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Act, 2016 of India
Rudra Srivastava 14/06/2017
Rights of Person with Disabilities Act, 2016 in India
Ravi Singhania 26/10/2016
Labour Law Primer for Multinational Companies in India
Ravi Singhania 19/10/2016
Indian Copyright Law
Ravi Singhania 13/10/2016
Procedure of Transfer of Immovable Property
Dipak Rao 26/07/2016
Revised FDI Policy Of India
Vikas Goel 26/07/2016
The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 – An Overview
Ravi Singhania 13/10/2016
Validity of invocation of bank guarantee to be judged on facts of each case: Supreme Court
Ravi Singhania 13/10/2016
Legal Due Diligence in Real Estate Transactions
Ravi Singhania 13/10/2016
Comments on Indian GST Reform 2016
Shambhu Sharan 24/06/2016
Process of Service of Summons in India Under the Hague Convention
Shambhu Sharan 14/06/2016
Service Tax Exemption For Buyers Of Under Construction Properties
Madhu Sweta 01/09/2014
National Consumer Commission Grants Relief To RCI On The Basis of Lack of Privity of Contract
Ravi Singhania 10/07/2014
Time to show investors – India Means Business
Ravi Singhania 06/10/2016
Indian Aviation Laws Update 2017
Ravi Singhania 05/10/2016
Enforcement of Foreign Awards in India
Ravi Singhania 03/10/2016
A Conceptual Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility In India
Ravi Singhania 02/10/2016
Handbook For The Board of Directors
Ravi Singhania 28/09/2016
Acquisition Transactions And The Limits Of Labour Laws In India
Ravi Singhania 16/09/2016
Primer on Corporate Social Responsibility -Sec 135 Companies Act 2013
Abhishek Kumar 21/07/2016
Arbitration Organisations in India
Abhishek Kumar 13/09/2016
The Real Estate (Regulation And Development) Act, 2016 – A Game Changer?
Madhu Sweta 13/09/2016
Contributions Made By Employer Toward Social Security Funds Are Not A Taxable Perquisite
Ravi Singhania 13/09/2016
Termination- Easy To Conceive, Difficult To Execute
Abhishek Kumar 18/08/2016
Annexure-B: The Seventh Schedule [Section 12 (5)] - Grounds for Removal of Arbitrators
Yaman Kumar 17/08/2016
Pre-trial, Disclosures and Other Applicable Rules
Abhishek Kumar 16/08/2016
Abhishek Kumar 16/08/2016
Annexure-A: The Fifth Schedule [Section 12 (1)(b)] - Grounds for Removal of Arbitrators
Yaman Kumar 12/08/2016
Awards and Remedies in Civil Suits
Yaman Kumar 11/08/2016
Evidence, Appeals and Judgment
Yaman Kumar 26/07/2016
Whether The Bar Of Jurisdiction Under Section 42 Applies To An Application Filed Under Section 11 After The Arbitration & Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015?
Abhishek Kumar 09/07/2016
Determining Jurisdiction in India
Abhishek Kumar 07/07/2016
Indian Civil Courts System
Vikas Goel 14/06/2016
Enforcement Of Foreign Award-Affirmation By Court Is Not A Condition Precedent
Dipak Rao 15/04/2016
Standard Essential Patents
Dipak Rao 01/01/2016
ECB Revised Framework 2015 – Simplification for General Corporate Purposes
Vikas Goel 01/01/2016
Interim Relief To Foreign Seated Arbitrations In India
Dipak Rao 14/04/2016
Registration Of Design: A Strategic Business Tool
Dipak Rao 14/04/2016
Domain Name Squatting In India
Madhu Sweta 14/04/2016
Alternative Dispute Resolution And The Law Of Intellectual Property
Yaman Kumar 08/04/2016
Interim Award On Admitted Liability In Arbitration Proceedings
Shambhu Sharan 06/04/2016
Suing A Foreign Entity In India
Ravi Singhania 13/03/2016
Can Lawyers Issue Notices for Seizing of Assets Under The Securitization Act?
Vikas Goel 20/02/2016
Choice Of Seat Of Arbitration Akin To Exclusive Jurisdiction Clause-Pre Balco Arbitrations
Yaman Kumar 18/02/2016
Balco Returns: Implied Exclusion Of Part 1 Of The Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996
Vikas Goel 14/02/2016
Liquidated Damages – A Chimera without Proven Loss
Shilpa Shah 14/02/2016
The Recovery of Debts due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993 has precedence over the Companies Act, 1956
Dipak Rao 15/01/2016
The Patent (Amendment) Rules, 2016
Madhu Sweta 13/01/2016
Unjust Enrichment In India - An Introspection
Ravi Singhania 01/01/2016
Return of Walmart in India– A New Beginning in Retail
Madhu Sweta 01/12/2015
Section 8 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996: A Saving Beacon
Madhu Sweta 01/12/2015
Limitation Of Time Under Section 34 Of The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996
Ravi Singhania 05/11/2015
Mandatory Requirements For Retrenchment Under Employment Laws In India
Dipak Rao 14/08/2015
Ravi Singhania 01/01/2016
Private Security Industry- Compliance with Labor Laws and PSARA v. Profitability?
Shambhu Sharan 01/08/2015
The National Judicial Appointment Commission – A Critique
Ravi Singhania 01/01/2016
Delhi HC judgement upholds termination of Senior Executive for Sexual Harassment at Workplace.
Ravi Singhania 01/01/2016
Defence Manufacturing In India In Present Policy Framework
Dipak Rao 01/01/2016
RBI Mandates Online Filing Of FDI Related Forms - ARF, FCGPR And FCTRS
Vikas Goel 01/12/2015
Highlights of Amendment to the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 via Arbitration Ordinance 2015
Dipak Rao 01/11/2015
Proposed Amendments To Indian Trademark Law
Dipak Rao 10/10/2015
No Copyright Protection For Title Of Literary Work
Dipak Rao 10/10/2015
An Indian Outline On Database Protection
Dipak Rao 01/10/2015
Supreme Court Strikes Down Product Approval By Fssai
Ravi Singhania 01/10/2015
Challenges For Aggrieved Women Employees And Internal Complaints Committee In Proceedings Under Sexual Harassment Act- A Test Of Legal Rigor
Ravi Singhania 01/10/2015
Rising Tide Of Labour Reforms In India
Madhu Sweta 01/10/2015
Government Appointed Arbitrator: Law Of Bias
Ravi Singhania 08/05/2015
New E-Waste Management Rules, 2016 For Bulk Consumers
Manish Kumar Sharma 01/03/2015
DCGI Cracks The Whip To Prohibit 344 Drugs Constituting Fixed Dose Combinations, Delhi High Court Stays Notifications Vis-À-Vis Pfizer’S Corex
Ravi Singhania 01/02/2015
Labour Law Reforms in India
Ravi Singhania 14/02/2014
The Supreme Court Forges The Integrated Tests Approach To Decide Employer-Employee relationship In Balwant Rai Saluja Vs. Air India Ltd.